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Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Retirement Podcast

Apr 18, 2023

This episode is the conclusion of my conversation with founder and CEO of MaxMyInterest, Gary Zimmerman. I ask Gary who are their top competitors, his biggest challenges from the early days of creating Max, and you won't want to miss the end, as Gary shares some valuable insight into staying happy (and getting happier!) throughout your retirement years.


More about what we discuss:

  • Why people might NOT use MaxMyInterest 
  • Gary's "science fair" mindset that ultimately led him to question the traditional banking model   
  • Some of the low-points and challenges in the early years of creating MaxMyInterest
  • And we close up with Gary sharing the details of a fascinating study that perhaps holds the key to happiness later in life!


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Resources From Today's Show:

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MaxMyInterest- webpage

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MarketWatch- article


About our Guest:

Gary Zimmerman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MaxMyInterest, an innovative company providing a patented approach to cash management. MaxMyInterest helps individual investors earn more on their cash holdings, while under the protection of FDIC insurance.


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