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Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Retirement Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

This is a "can't miss" episode, as I sit down for a conversation with founder and CEO of MaxMyInterest, Gary Zimmerman. Gary shares why he started MaxMyInterest, how retirees can make this part of their income plan, and how you can add what he calls "super alpha" to your portfolio. This was a timely conversation, as more and more Americans are not only realizing the need to keep up with inflation, but to have the confidence their cash holdings are secure with FDIC insurance. 


We discuss:

  • How the idea for MaxMyInterest came to be and why it's so important to have FDIC insurance
  • How MaxMyInterest can provide "super alpha," potentially adding tens of thousands of dollars to your retirement plan (or more!)
  • Who benefits most from using MaxMyInterest
  • And much more!


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Resources From Today's Show:

Open a "MAX My Interest" account

MaxMyInterest- webpage

MaxMyInterest- FAQ

MarketWatch- article


About our Guest:

Gary Zimmerman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MaxMyInterest, an innovative company providing a patented approach to cash management. MaxMyInterest helps individual investors earn more on their cash holdings, while under the protection of FDIC insurance.


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