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Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Retirement Podcast

Dec 28, 2021

Your health plays a major role in achieving true wealth. If we overlook or neglect our health, much of the retirement planning we do is diminished, and it becomes more difficult to achieve our goals- including leaving a lasting impact on future generations.

Today, we lay the groundwork and share a quick story, but the real heart of our message can be found in the below resources. Be sure to give them a watch, as we lean on the experts to further explain the "Why" and to give us "How-To" tips so we can implement these ideas in our own lives. 

Rip Esselstyn's TED Talk

Dr. Greger's Talk on the Top 10 Killers

Ashley's Health Services

What is a Fiduciary?

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Additional Resources Discussed on the Show

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