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Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Retirement Podcast

Jul 12, 2022

On today's episode, we discuss a Kiplinger's article about two retirees who teamed up and discovered 6 life-changing lessons. They are passionate about sharing what they've learned with other retirees, as good ideas are meant to be shared.


Resources mentioned on today's show:

6 Life-Changing Lessons from 2 Retirees Who Are Changing Lives- this is Jacob Schroeder's article that we based today's talk about

Creating a Biblically Based Retirement- we mentioned the overlap in lesson #1 with the teaching from this episode, which was based on Jeff Hannan's book "An Uncommon Guide to Retirement"

Ed Jones/Age Wave study- we mentioned a couple of studies on retirement found here

Happy Money- lesson #2 overlapped with some of the teachings we discussed in this episode

The Fountain of Youth?- when discussing lesson #3, we referenced this episode where Robert Waldinger discusses a Harvard study on happiness


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